Midwest Fertility Center Specializes in In Vitro Fertilization Treatments

Midwest Fertility Center helps bring dreams to life for couples struggling with infertility in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana region. Thanks to their advanced equipment and highly skilled staff, Midwest Fertility Center has success rates above national average. In addition to the well-known in vitro fertilization procedure, Midwest Fertility Center is capable of performing four other assisted reproductive treatments.

Midwest Fertility Center takes a personal, caring approach when working with patients. Understanding that infertility can be an emotional topic, staff is honest about treatment expectations. Midwest Fertility Center believes in taking a holistic approach to patient care as well. Midwest Fertility Center has recently implemented three new programs: stress management, fitness, and nutrition designed to lower stress and promote balance before, during, and after treatment.

The most common procedure is in vitro fertilization but other assisted reproduction treatments include: gamete intra fallopian transfer, intra cytoplasmic sperm injection, assisted hatching, and blastocyst transfer. The assisted reproduction process is conducted in four phases: the preparatory cycle, stimulation, retrieval, transfer and post-transfer treatment. Midwest Fertility Center also performs laparoscopic tubal ligation reversal.

Midwest Fertility Center accommodates patients with early morning and late evening office hours and five office locations. Three offices are located in Illinois including the main office in Downers Grove, Illinois. There are two offices operated in Indiana. At each location, couples can sit down and discuss their options with an infertility specialist in a stress-free and welcoming environment.

Midwest Fertility Center also tries to make infertility treatment easy and affordable. There are a list of contracted insurance carriers, HMO, and PPO plans accepted by Midwest Fertility Center. Staff can also set up payment programs for couples without insurance with the Shared Success Program, pre-paid packages, or the national Family Fee Plan. Midwest Fertility Center has been helping couples conceive since 1984.


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