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The Education of Midwest Fertility Center’s Amos E. Madanes, M.D.

There is no individual more committed to conquering infertility than Midwest Fertility Center’s Dr. Madanes. From his family experiences as a little boy, he grew in his desire to create opportunities for others to have a family. He had an extraordinary understanding of the importance of the family unit, one that would motivate him later on to establish the Midwest Fertility Center in Illinois. He knew as a boy that his goal of establishing Midwest Fertility Center would start with a disciplined path of education.

Amos Madanes would go on to attend the University of Tel Aviv, graduating with a Doctor of Medicine degree. The future founder of Midwest Fertility Center would not stop there, however, as he went on to Boston to complete training at Tufts University. The move to America would prove perhaps the biggest decision of his life, as it would lead to two more years of education at Harvard University and the subsequent establishing of Midwest Fertility Center in 1984.

The educational standard would be set by Dr. Madanes, and would be consistently held as the standard through the assembling of the team of professionals that now make up the staff at Midwest Fertility Center. Each Midwest Fertility Center staff member was handpicked with patient care as a high priority, a quality that Dr. Madanes is renowned for. A very high level of expertise in their respective field was also a strict requirement in choosing the staff for Midwest Fertility Center.

Infertile individuals and couples seeking help are reassured by Dr. Madanes that Midwest Fertility Center staff is the most educated and well-versed in the field of assisted reproductive endocrinology. Patients, he adds, will be met with the highest level of respect and professionalism possible, a standard that each of the Midwest Fertility Center staff members have committed their lives to.